Worthen School of Highland Dance

55 Lexington Avenue, Dartmouth, NS, B2X 3S2


Medal tests are optional, but highly recommended!  Each year, in November, an Examiner from the Scottish Dance Teachers' Alliance (SDTA) visits Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to test highland dancers.  The Examiner is usually from Scotland or anywhere in Canada.  The Examiner is on tour for approximately 2 weeks, while traveling from one dance studio to another.  In order to coordinate the Examiner's schedule appropriately, it is important for me to know if your child plans on taking medal tests well ahead of the tour date.  In May of each year, I collect a deposit from those dancers planning on participating. The balance for medal tests is due in the Fall.  Medal tests are often held during the day, which means taking time out of school.  On the completion of the testing, dancers will receive a written critique from the Examiner on each dance.  They will also receive certificates and medals from Scotland.  For new beginners, the full highland attire is not necessary but should wear something similar. This year (2020) we conducted medal tests via Zoom!  This was a very unique and wonderful experience!