Checklist for New Competitors


  • Dancers must be registered with ScotDance Nova Scotia/ScotDance Canada. Take this card to every competition or risk not competing and/or receiving awards.
  • Register for desired competition(s).
  • Highland ghillies
  • White knee socks (or tartan socks to match the same tartan in the kilt). Dancers should have garters at the top of the socks to prevent the socks from falling down. The top of the sock can be folded over the garter so that the garter is not seen.
  • Black underpants or same color underpants to match kilt
  • Kilt or kiltie (the kiltie has less material and is great for primary or beginner dancers)
  • White highland blouse (girls) white dress shirt (boys)
  • No jewelry is to be worn.
  • Hair should be tied back neatly off the face (i.e. bun or french braid).
  • Please let Jennifer see the entire outfit prior to the first competition.


  • Highland vest with white blouse or Highland jacket (with dickey) (girls) or Prince Charlie Jacket with vest (boys), and Balmoral hat (boys)


  • The decision of a judge is final and no discussion or correspondence can take place between a judge and a competitor or the parent or guardian of a competitor regarding any decision made by that judge. Judges' marks are only available for scrutineering purposes and are not made public.